I have developed several books

to provide direction in our lives,

giving instruction and processes to

our journey. If  you want to maximize your life, these books are for you! They are the ladder, you just have to make the decision to climb.

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Cracking the Code to Success!

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Brian Tracy

Cracking the Code to Success

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Personal Direction in your life is about knowing where you want to go, planning how to get there and taking action. Living a goal-directed life can give you a sense of fulfillment and joy that you might not find otherwise. For a number of reasons, when you write down your plans and goals, you accomplish significantly more in your life. Sharing the results of your work on your vision, mission and goals with others around you will create a support system for achieving what you want in life. This could also influence the people around you in ways that would enhance lives as well. This workshop provides a road map for you to gather data and create a plan for your personal future, and will support you in your personal life. Also, as you get older, when life becomes more precious, you'll be glad you had the personal direction to make the best of life. The sections of this notebook represent the steps you need to take to create your life and work goal plan. Though typically you should start with personal vision and mission statements, in some cases looking at personal values is a better starting place. You will have two road maps for using this program. Which one you follow is up to you, but I will help you lead the way.

Life Essentials is a resource designed to provide mental and spiritual support for our life journey. What we think determines who we are. This notebook provides input to help us change in a positive manner and get our thinking aligned with our goals. A number of spiritual helps are included that serve as a basis for developing competency.

Step by Step: Your How-To Guide To Helping Others In a Time of Need

This is definitely the guide you need to carry with you. It includes Practical methods of ministering to people with all kinds of needs covering the major areas that exist in the church body and community today. Topics covered include but are not limited to: Prayer Support, Hospital Visitation, Victims of Abuse and Violence, Ministering to the Homeless and Sheltered, Death and Grief and much, much more.

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